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In order to ensure the fairness of the company's laboratory activities, the company's top management made the following fairness statement on behalf of the management:
 -The independence of the company's laboratory activities is not subject to any administrative intervention, and it is required that personnel from all relevant departments must not intervene to maintain the impartiality and independence of test data;
 -The company's testing staff conducts impartial testing, is not affected by any administrative, economic and other pressures, and resolutely resists acts that hinder the fairness of the testing work;
 -The company has an objective, fair and scientific attitude to all commissions, speaks with data and conducts testing independently;
 -The company guarantees the strict confidentiality of the client's technical secrets, drawings, data and test results, and protects the client's confidential information accurately;
 -The company's laboratory activities are conducted in accordance with relevant national laws, regulations, standards and specifications, and the quality management system is continuously improved;
 -The company's testing personnel shall not be employed in more than two inspection and testing institutions at the same time;
 -The company's staff must not engage in related part-time or technical cooperation activities that may affect the impartiality of the center;
 -All personnel of the company are not allowed to borrow work for soliciting gifts, money or goods at low prices from the client, suppliers, and all personnel are not allowed to accept any commercial bribery;
 -If there is any behavior that will exceed the commitment requirements of the above-mentioned fairness statement, the company will immediately stop and correct the behavior of relevant personnel, and report it to the general manager for processing;
 -If there is any behavior that exceeds the commitment requirements of the above-mentioned fairness statement, the company will immediately correct the behavior of the relevant personnel, educate the parties, and implement corrective measures. If loss has been caused to the customer, the customer shall be compensated for the loss. When a serious loss is caused to the customer, the company shall report it to the judicial organ for disposal in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations.
The company sincerely accepts supervision and complaints from all aspects of society.
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